Jun 30

‘Then Comes Marriage?’ first aired as a pilot as part of RTE’s Format Farm and has now been commissioned as a 6 x 52′ series for RTE Two’s Autumn schedule.

First comes love. Then Comes Marriage? How ready are you to say ‘I do’?

Every couple plans the flowers, the food, the perfect venue – but, does anyone really plan for the marriage?

Then Comes Marriage? gives three couples the opportunity to prepare for their future life together at the ultimate relationship skills crash course. This pre-marriage bootcamp tackles everything from personal finances to family planning.

Three couples decamp to a luxury country house for two days. Aided by leading relationship experts, psychologist Allison Keating and psychoanalyst Dr Ray O’Neill, the couples undergo a series of eye-opening, specially designed tests and therapies.

The couples face up to the big questions they haven’t already asked or don’t want to ask. Questions around finances, sex and intimacy, conflict management, family, and communication issues. The couples work side by side and live side by side. So as well as gaining insights into their own relationship, they’ll see how others manage theirs. No couple will leave unchanged after check-out.

Then Comes Marriage? is a fun and practical relationship show in a time of fast love and celebrity culture, where marriage can be viewed as disposable. There is much marital research that points to the fact that marital success is not a matter of luck, nor is failure a matter of mystery – it’s preparation, preparation, preparation.

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