Apr 24

After two successful series on RTE One, Dr Pixie and Dr Phil our back with ‘You Should Really See a Doctor’.

They will be travelling the country once more in their pop-up clinic. Last series took them from Donegal to Cork, from Kerry to Dublin, visiting events to offer on the spot consultations and health checks.

Once again they will be examining the symptoms and ailments that are bothering the country’s adults and children – the lumps, bumps, pains, aches, sleep issues, skin problems, tingling and toilet troubles – whatever has been irritating the nation. From hayfever to suspected menopause to children’s tonsillitis the doctors prod and probe to help find solutions.

Pixie and Phil also meet those who have been self-diagnosing online. We’ve all been there, turning a headache into a suspected tropical disease with a few clicks on the computer! Now it’s time to consult the real doctors.



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